Thursday, 17 February 2011

Episode 1 - Whiffle Bat

Allo and welcome to the first episode of the powersword podcast! The plan is to put it out once a month covering all hobby and tournament related things here in the UK!

This month we cover the caledonian uprising and vapnartak tournaments as well as general hobby and tournament chat! We also have an interview from Gary and Tim at Maelstor Games about the Eye of the Storm and Banebeasts!

As a side note that wasnt included if you wish to advertise a tournament or put out a shout out feel free to e-mail us! (its free!)

You can follow us at 40kbunny on twitter or e-mail us with your comments at!

Anyway i hope you enjoy episode one!

(This podcast does contain explicit content!)

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  1. Come on, when is the next podcast?! I've been waiting for months now :(

  2. Aye the same. Though I am guessing the fact that Max is doing is basic training for the police may have something to do with it.

  3. cheers guys, i know its been ages im at warhammer world with simon this weekend and i shall be recording!